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PRESS RELEASE 13/05/2020


As many residents will be aware Ledbury Town Council have been awarded Rule 6 Status in respect of the appeal brought forward by Bloor Holdings Ltd in respect of the refusal by Hereford Council to allow the development at the Viaduct Site in Ledbury to proceed with a single access into the proposed site.

In March Hereford Council took the decision not to defend their position in respect of this appeal and as Ledbury Town Council had previously held a Parish Poll on this issue with a resounding “NO” to the proposed single access the took the decision that they should continue to fight this issue on behalf of the residents of Ledbury and other surrounding parishes.

A date had originally been set for the hearing to start on 28 April, however due to Coronavirus this date was not upheld as new arrangements for the holding of such inquiries needed to be considered.  Following a conference call involving all parties a timetable was agreed with the final documentation due to be submitted on 22 May 2020.

The Working Party, consisting of a mix of Councillors, experts and local residents, has been working tirelessly to get their various submissions into the Planning Inspector, albeit with some extension being permitted on the deadline dates for all submissions.  

To this end the Statement of Case and the Statements of Common Ground have now been submitted and an extension of 22 May has been extended by the Inspector to Friday, 5 June for the submission of the Proofs of Evidence, with an anticipated start date for the Inquiry being the week commencing 13 July.

Whilst the Town Council have expressed concerns over the inquiry being held by virtual means, they accept that the Inquiry cannot be put on hold indefinitely and that the Inquiry is likely to be held via virtual means.  However, they have indicated to the Planning Inspectorate that consideration should be given to all those who may wish to speak as a 3rd party on this matter.

Once the council has more information on how the Inquiry will be held and how any residents who are interested in speaking as 3rd parties, or following the proceedings we will provide more information and anyone who is interested in taking part as a 3rd party and would like more information on how to do this, please contact the Town Clerk on the email below.

Angela Price

Town Clerk

Ledbury Tow Council







PRESS RELEASE 13/12/2019
“On Wednesday, 11 December 2019 Hereford Council Planning Committee to consider an unamended application by Bloor Homes in respect of the development at the Viaduct in Ledbury.  Ledbury Ward Councillors and Town Councillors were present and spoke on their disappointment that Bloor had not been prepared to give review their application in respect of a second access to the site.


The proposal to reject the scheme, which went against officers advice, was made by Councillor David Summers with 10 councillors backing the proposal, 3 against and 1 objection, thus the outcome of the meeting was that the Planning Committee rejected the application. 


Councillor Dan Vesma, Chair of the Environment Development & Planning Committee at Ledbury Town Council said "I am grateful to the planning committee for their resilience in once-again turning down this ill-conceived scheme, with such poor access. I hope the developers will now listen to the people of Ledbury, and go back to the drawing board."


Ledbury Town Council would like thank all those residents who attended the meeting on Wednesday and who have supported the Town and Ward Councillors throughout this process.”



Town Clerk

Ledbury Town Council



PRESS RELEASE 13/11/2019
Hereford Council Planning Committee met today to determine the Viaduct site access proposals. As Ward Members for Ledbury Councillors Howells and Harvey gave tremendous and detailed speeches against the proposed single access, along with Councillor I'Anson who spoke about the positive aspects of the site.  Councillor Bannister of Ledbury Town Council also put a case along with a Councillor from Wellington Heath and a member of the public, with many more members of both Ledbury and Wellington Heath attending the meeting to support those speaking against the application.   
The result was that the Planning Committee voted unanimously to DEFER a decision on the development proposals, with a request that the developer comes back to the committee with a modified proposal to add a second access under the viaduct.
This is another victory for Ledbury Town Council and their strategy of robust protection of the interests of Ledbury people and our future environment.
Councillor Vesma, Chair of Ledbury Town Council Economic Development & Planning Committee added "This is a second significant victory for Ledbury in as many weeks. I am immensely grateful to Councillor Bannister for representing the town at the meeting, and to our County Councillors for helping to ensure that developments around Ledbury are not allowed to proceed without thought to the quality of life of those of us who call it home. Once again, the people of Ledbury made their voices heard so loudly on the issue of a single access to the site that they simply couldn't be ignored. Well done everybody!"
13 November 2019
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Traffic Assessment Report 


Ledbury Town Council commissioned a Traffic Assessment Report in respect of the planning submission submitted by Bloor Homes for the development of 625 dwellings on the Land North of the Viaduct

Planning number : P171532


For the full report please click HERE