Tour Guide for the 16th Century Painted Room and Market House, Ledbury

Tour Guide for the 16th Century Painted Room and Market House, Ledbury

We are looking for a tour guide to help us to cover our opening hours from Easter to the end of October. 

Hours of work will be Saturday’s and two other days, to be arranged 11.00 A.M. to 4.00P.M. to include a one-hour unpaid lunch break. 

Current opening hours are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, 11.00A.M. to 4.00P.M. 

There may be some additional hours available to cover holidays etc. We offer bookings for coach parties and School Activity Days out of normal opening hours and help with these will also be required. There is a three-month probationary period. 

Rate of Pay – minimum wage 

Training will be given, but the job would suit an articulate person with presentation skills and a good general historical knowledge. Please mention any previous presentation experience and professional or amateur theatre work. The guides will be dealing with the general public so we are looking for someone with an outgoing, friendly demeanour who will be welcoming to visitors. 

The guide will be responsible for showing visitors around two historic sites in Ledbury. The primary site is the 16th Century Painted Room in the Town Council Offices in Church Lane, where the guides are based. The secondary site is the Market House which the guides take visitors to see by request. The guide will give a short presentation about the history of each site and be prepared to answer questions from visitors. After the initial training period the guide will be expected to work without notes or from a written script.

The guide will be expected to promote the sale of souvenir items to visitors, to be responsible for the receipt of monies and for the recording of sales. Our funding relies heavily on the receipt of donations so the guide will be expected to request donations from visitors. The guide will be required to keep a record of visitor numbers to the site/s. 

The guide will need to be able to work unsupervised and will need to be computer literate and numerate. The guide will be responsible for ensuring that English Heritage guidelines are followed to prevent damage by visitors to the buildings/sites. 

The guide will be responsible for observing the regulations regarding the health and safety of their co-workers in the Town Council Offices as well as visitors to the buildings.

The Guide will be responsible for the locking and unlocking of the buildings and for the un-setting and re-setting of the alarms.

 Please apply in writing to The Town Clerk, Town Council Office, 1 Church Street, Ledbury, HR8 1DH

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