How To Work With Your Town Council

There are 3 ways to get involved:

    1. Attend Council Meetings - contact your Town Council and find out when the next meeting is. The notices for Town Council meetings are also displayed in the library and on Ledbury Town Council’s noticeboard, which is located at the end of the Town Council offices at the bottom of Church Lane/Church Street. In the meetings, there is usually a time set aside for the public to ask questions or raise concerns. The Councillors and Clerk will try to address the issue you have raised, but please be aware that the Council is only able to make decisions on items specified on the previously circulated Agenda. You may be advised that the Council requires more time in order to investigate your concern, before you receive a full response. (Other opportunities exist to raise concerns with the Council including: contacting Councillors or the Clerk direct. Ledbury Town Council’s telephone number is: 01531 632306; or, email:

    2. Join a Steering Group or Working Party
    (i.e. the Town Plan Steering Group or the Neighbourhood Plan Working Party). These groups will manage and organise the work required locally within the town. In the case of a Town or Community-led Plan, the Steering Group/Working Party should consist of several local residents, as well as Town Councillors. Working closely with the Town Council, the Steering Group/Working Party will initiate public consultation, oversee the processes and draw together its conclusions for adoption by the Town Council and subsequent publication.

    3. Become a Town Councillor
    - more information on how to be a Town Councillor. Click Here!

Decision Making

Through listening to local feeling, attending meetings and committees, Councillors decide which activities to support, where money should be spent, what services should be delivered, and what policies should be implemented. Councils may have responsibility for running local services, such as: open spaces, play areas, community halls, community care schemes and, potentially, much more.


Councillors make sure that their decisions lead to efficient and effective services by keeping an eye on how well things are working. When appropriate, the Town Council can lobby other service providers for improvements, such as the unitary authority (Herefordshire Council) and work in partnership with other parishes and agencies.


As local representatives, Councillors have responsibilities to their parishioners. The amount of time involved depends on the size and responsibilities of the Council and on how much time an individual Councillor has to offer.

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