Finance, Policy & General Purposes Meeting Papers

Finance, Policy and General Purposes Committee

The Finance, Policy and General Purposes Committee (FP&GP) manages the FP&GP budget. It is responsible for setting and monitoring this budget; management of Council contracts, the collection of rental charges; investment of funds; insurance; grants; management of the Town Council Building, and the Market House; County Association matters; information, communication and technology (ICT); awards; subscriptions; and the procurement and maintenance of the Town Mayor’s and Town Crier’s regalia. Residents are encouraged to submit suggestions on how this should be spent.

2015 - 2020

 In respect of items 6 to 9, please refer to minute numbers 200 to 204 of the minutes.

2020.07.23 Complete agenda documents


Minutes of 27 February 2020

Item 6

Item 7

Item 8

Item 9 (please note the file was too large to upload as one document, please see links below)





Item 12

Item 13

Item 14

Item 15

Item 18

Item 19

    Minutes of meeting held on 24 October 2019

Agenda Item 12

Agenda Item 14

Agenda Item 15

Agenda Item 16 (This document is unfortunately too large to upload; please contact the office for a copy)

Agenda Item 17

Agenda Item 20


Agenda Item 4 : To approve minutes of a meeting of Finance, Policy and General Purposes held on the 26th September 2019

Report 2 including the following agenda items

Agenda Item 7  : External and Internal Audit 

Agenda Item 11:  Recommendations from committees 

Report 3 inlcuding the following agenda Items :

Agenda Item 13 : Corperate Credit Card 

Agenda Item 14 : Request from Hereford Cathedral

Agenda Item 15 : Risk Assesment 

Additional Agenda item and reports;

Agenda Item 6 : To recieve the record of Receipts and Payments for September 2019

Agenda item 8 : To recieve Balance Sheet and Trial Balance as 30 September 2019

Agenda Item 10 :To recieve budget for 2nd quarter to 30 September 2019


Minutes 07.06.2018

Appendix 1: Invoices requiring payment approval

Appendix 2 (Due to the size of this document, this item cannot be uploaded. If you would like a copy, please contact the office.)

Appendix 3: Painted Room advertising

Appendix 4: Report of the Accommodation Working Party, 24 April 2018

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