Chase the Rainbow


The world has become an uncertain place amidst the current coronavirus pandemic. However, people have been coming together to spread hope and kindness. One of the ways children and adults have been lifting our spirits has been by putting on rainbow displays.

Rainbows are used as a symbol of peace and hope as they often appear when the sun follows a heavy rainfall. As a symbol of light children are painting, drawing and blowing-up balloons to create rainbows in their windows and outside their houses, and the trend has since become a social media phenomenon with the hashtags #RainbowTrail and #ChaseTheRainbow.

We have been asking our own community to do the same and we want to thank everyone of you that have sent us your pictures! We wanted to show of these wonderful drawings to you all as they have melted our hearts in these uncertain times.

Thank you from Ledbury Town Council.

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