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Ledbury Town Council would like to provide residents of Ledbury with an update on the progress on the repairs to the War Memorial in High Street, Ledbury.

The Council have appointed Caroe & Partners to act on their behalf and draw up a specification, apply for Listed Building Consent and to send out the specification to competent contractors

At an extraordinary meeting of Council in July Members were advised that the Listed Building Consent application had been submitted and that Caroe had identified three companies who had expressed an interest in tendering for the works.  The details of these three companies were provided to Councillors to enable them to undertake due diligence prior to the tenders being received.

Members were also provided with a draft Preliminaries report for consideration and advised of questions that Caroe had raised prior to its completion.

It had been hoped that work would start to the War Memorial in late August and completed prior to the Remembrance Service in November.  However due to a delay in receiving the Listed Building Consent this unfortunately was not the case.  This has now been received and three tenders for the works have also been received and will be considered at a meeting of Council on 6 October 2022.

The Council are mindful that the Memorial is the centre point for the Service of Remembrance on Friday, 11 and Sunday, 13 November and as such should be available on these dates.  Sadly, this does mean that the works to repair the War Memorial and paving will not now commence until after the Remembrance Service in November.

The Council are working with Caroe & Partners to ensure the works are carried out as soon as possible, and on the appointment of the successful contractor will  provide more information on the start date, and timescales for completion.

The Council would like to apologise for the delays but hope that residents will understand that they want to make sure all necessary processes are followed to ensure the work to the War Memorial is carried out in such a way that it will provide the residents of Ledbury with a Memorial which will last another 100 years.

Thank you for your patience in this matter.

Angela Price – Town Clerk

On Behalf of Ledbury Town Council

Contact details: Tel: 01531 632306

                         Email: clerk@ledburytowncouncil.gov.uk

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