Hedgehog Homes



Hedgehog Homes

Ledbury Town Council hosted a competition during Ledbury Carnival to design two Hedgehog Homes to be sited in the Cemetery in New Street. The Council were inundated with artistic and imaginative designs, all of which were judged by The Mayor of Ledbury. Although a difficult decision, it was decided that Charlie would win first place with his truck design, and Willow came a close second with her rainbow cottage.

Once the designs had been picked, Ledbury Town Council’s Community Development Officer and Mayors Secretary worked closely with the team at Shed’s Together to bring the designs to life. Images of the hedgehog houses can be found on the Town Councils Social Media and Website.

To celebrate the work of Charlie, Willow. and The Sheds Together Team, a unveiling Ceremony was held at New Street Cemetery on Saturday, 4th October. Both children and their families attended and were given the opportunity to cut the ribbon and open their Hedgehog Homes. The Ceremony was well attended with members from the Shed’s Together team, Herefordshire Wildlife Trust, Ledbury Poetry, the Mayor with her Deputy, and Ledbury Town Council Officers.

Ledbury Town Council would like to say a huge thank you to all the talented team at Shed’s Together who were involved and contributed their time to making Charlie and Willows Hedgehog Homes come to life and to all of the children who provided entries.

We hope you enjoy the poem that the Mayor of Ledbury read at the ceremony on Saturday:

For thousands of years as darkness falls,

And the eerie stillness of night hangs silent,

The familiar shuffle, snap and snort,

Can be heard in your garden.

What creature is that,

Hugs close to the wall,

And under the bushes so low?

Trundling amongst long grass and leaves,

Snout held high.

Sniffing the air so slow?

Ah… I hear you retort.

We know this creature so fair,

It’s loyal and kind,

A ball of prickles, that’s quite unrefined,

Needle sharp quills of brown, black and tan.

He means no harm to man.

He is simply there to feast,

On all those wriggly, slippery, crunchy beasts.

But I need to tell you loud and clear that…

There’s a dinosaur in your garden!

And if we are too slow to act,

That dinosaur in your garden

Will be fiction not fact.

Deinogalerix was one of the first hedgehogs to be found in the world. He was around when the dinosaurs were roaming the earth.

Poem courtesy of Suffolk Prickles Hedgehog Rescue.

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