Clerk to the Council Vacancy Sept 2019


Job Title:  Clerk to the Council
Reporting to: The Town Council
Hours: 37
Salary Scale: 48 – 51  £43,757 to 46,957
1. Overall Responsibilities
The Clerk to the Council is the Proper Officer of the Council and as such is under a statutory duty to carry out all the functions and, in particular to serve or issue all the notifications required by the law of a local authority’s Proper Officer. The Clerk to the Council is responsible for ensuring the instructions of the Council, in connection with its function as a Local Authority, are carried out.
The Clerk to the Council is required to advise the Council on, and assist in, the formation of overall policies to be followed in respect of the Authority’s activities and in particular to produce all the information required for making effective decisions and to implement constructively all decisions. The Clerk to the Council will be accountable to the Town Council for the effective management of all its resources and will report to them as and when required.
The Clerk to the Council is the Responsible Financial Officer and is responsible for all the financial needs of the council and the carful administration of its finances in accordance with the Accounts and Audit Regulations 1996.
2. Main Duties and Responsibilities
a) To ensure that legal, statutory and other provisions governing or affecting the running of the council are observed.
b) To convene meetings, prepare agendas and reports.
c) To attend meetings of the Council, it’s Committees and Working Parties and provide advice on procedure.
d) To ensure that minutes of all meetings are recorded and ensure that the decisions are implemented.
e) To prepare estimates of income and expenditure for every financial year, such estimates to form the basis for the annual budget, when approved by the Council, and the basis for the precept to be submitted to the Unitary Authority.
f) To manage and ensure the efficient use of resources in the ordering and payment of goods and services received by the Council and any contracts as required by the Council’s Financial Regulations; to manage the preparation VAT claims in accordance with regulations laid down by HMRC.
g) To prepare the annual report and accounts in accordance with the relevant Regulations for submission to the Council and external audit.
h) To manage effectively the insurances required by the Council.
i) To manage effectively the Council’s obligations under health and safety legislation.
j) To maintain a working knowledge of relevant legislation, statutory instruments and codes of practice; together with awareness of best working practices within and outside local government, ensuring that these are effectively communicated to the Council.
k) To manage employees in line with employment law and good employment practice.
l) To manage the buildings and land owned by the Town Council
m) To manage according to relevant statutes and law, the burials and associated official records of the Burial Authority.
n) To prepare, in consultation with the Mayor/Chairman and/or the relevant Committee Chairmen, press releases about the activities of, or decisions of, the Council.
o) To liaise and develop relationships with external bodies, including other local authorities, residents, businesses and local organisations
p) To attend meetings of outside bodies, as the Council’s representative or as a spokes person to explain Council policies and functions as required.
q) To undertake additional duties as required, commensurate with the level of the role.
r) To work on incorporating the objectives of the Town Plan into the objectives of the Town Council as appropriate.
s) Help the Council develop strategies and objectives.
3. Key Skills / Requirements
Thorough knowledge and understanding of the statutory requirements relating to the duties and responsibilities of Ledbury Town Council.
Thorough knowledge of modern office procedures, practices and equipment.
Ability to rapidly acquire and assimilate knowledge of the statutes required to fulfil the obligations of Ledbury Town Council.
Knowledge of bookkeeping, and an ability to prepare, manage, present and explain accounts.
Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other officials, employees and the general public.
Ability to organise and maintain records and prepare reports.
Ability to work in a confidential and sensitive manner.
Ability to motivate self and a team of employees.
Ability to plan, organise and delegate.
Ability to handle conflict and difficult situations.
4. Competencies
Leadership and team working
Strategic thinking
Problem solver
This job description is not exhaustive; it will be subject to periodic review and may be varied to meet the changing needs of the Council. Such variations are a common occurrence and cannot in themselves justify a reconsideration of the remuneration of the post.
Other duties and responsibilities expressed and implied, which arise from the nature and character of the post within the Council mentioned above some evening and weekend working will be required. 
Application by CV to Ledbury Town Council, Church Street, Lrdbury, Herefordshire HR8 1DH or
Deadline for applications is noon 31st December 2018

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