At the Annual Meeting of Council, held on Thursday, 25 June 2020 Ledbury Town Council elected a new Mayor and Deputy Mayor for the 2020/21 Municipal Year.

Councillor Daniel Vesma was elected by fellow Councillors to the role of Mayor and Councillor Elizabeth Harvey was elected by fellow Councillors, to the role of Deputy Mayor. They both signed their Declaration of Acceptance of Office declaring that they take the office upon themselves and will duly and faithfully fulfil the duties of it according to the best of their judgement and ability.  They will serve until May 2021 at which time a new Mayor and Deputy will be elected.


Councillor Vesma offered thanks to the outgoing Mayor Councillor Phillip Howells for his service to the office of Mayor over the past year and said “I am grateful to my colleagues for honouring me with the chain of office for this civic year. The citizens of Ledbury can rest assured that I will do everything in my power to ensure that this council meets and exceeds the standards set for us. There is no doubt that the coming months will continue to be dominated by the COVID-19 disruptions, but we have a strong team and are working hard.” 


Ledbury is a wonderful town, and I am proud to be playing a part as it becomes an even more sustainable, economically vibrant and community-centred place to live.  


As part of the Annual Council Meeting the Council appoint members to their Standing Committees and elect a Chair and Vice-Chair for the ensuing year.   With immediate effect the Council’s Standing Committee membership is as follows:


Economic Development & Planning – Councillors John Bannister (Chair), Matthew Eakin, Liz Harvey, Phillip Howells, Dee Knight, Andy Manns and Nick Morris (Vice-Chair)


Environment & Leisure – Councillors John Bannister, Dee Knight (Chair), Andy Manns (Vice-Chair), Nick Morris and Dean Whattler


Finance, Policy & General Purposes Committee – Councillors John Bannister, Matthew Eakin (Chair), Liz Harvey, Phillip Howells (Vice-Chair) and Councillor Whattler


Resources – Councillors Dan Vesma (Chair), John Bannister, Matthew Eakin, Liz Harvey (Deputy Chair) and Dee Knight,


As the Mayor Councillor Vesma will Chair the Council’s Full Council meetings with Councillor Harvey as the Deputy Chair.


The Council also approved the first draft of its Corporate Plan and it is hoped that this will be available to members of the public in the not too distant future.


Details of our schedule of meetings can be found at the following link: and if you would like to put any questions to any of the Committee Chairs please send them to




Contact details:

Angie Price

Town Clerk

Tel: 01531 632306


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